• Great Debaters Competition 2018

    Red Teaming Ideas

  • Saturday 1st December

    10.00 am - 6.30 pm

    Goodenough College

    Mecklenburgh Square, London WC1N 2AB

  • About the competition

    Red teaming is a form of risk-management most commonly used by companies to protect themselves from cyber-attacks and by countries to guard against military threats. In its simplest form, it works by tasking one team (the Red Team) with working out how to exploit their own organisation's greatest weaknesses, and another (the Blue Team) with working out how to repel the threat.


    Adversarial debating uses the same method to test the strength, not just of operational decisions, but of the ideas and value systems that underpin them too. The Great Debaters Competition gives our members, professionals who missed out on the chance to join a debate club at school or university, the opportunity to put their training into practice to advance their development as decision-makers.


    Hosted in partnership with education charity, Goodenough College, a campus that provides affordable accommodation for international and post-graduate students attending London's universities, the 2018 competition will put industry norms that inform decision-making at the highest level under the microscope to see if they can survive the Red Team test.